Why should I choose your software?

At ezATPL we try to provide students with a test prep solution as closely and precisely as possible – both in the wording of individual questions as well as in the overall database coverage of the entire EASA exam syllabus. We can offer you a high standard of questions, support and actuality. We are focusing on frequent updates to ensure a precise approach towards your examination. As well as this, we are always on the look-out for brand new questions fed back to us from around the world to ensure we are the most up to date question bank out there. We pride ourselves on being the most up to date question bank out there.

How can I take a subscription?

Whilst PayPal is our method of payment, you do not require a PayPal account to purchase a subscription. Upon checking out you will be granted the option to log in to PayPal or pay via debit/credit card (allowing you to pay without a PayPal account).

How often are questions added?

Sometimes 10 a day, sometimes 1 day, it entirely depends on the amount of feedback we are receiving from students, but it is our top priority all the time.

What happens if I find an error in one of the questions or answers?

Please provide us with a detailed explanation why you think the question or the answer is wrong. We will discuss it with our team of experts and get back to you with feedback regarding your concern.

How many people can use my account?

The registration is always just valid for a single user only. Sharing of user name and password is not allowed and it will result in canceling your subscription